Ebesimeyie (It Shall Be Well With Me)

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Release Date: March 25, 1999


Inspirational typical Ghanaian Praise and Worship Music. A mixture of High Llife, Reggae, Ballad and Ghanaian Traditional Rhythms.

Medley: Yesu Beye / Metow Ayeyi Nwom / Fire Burning / God The Father
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Medley: Prayer Is The Key / We Praise You Lord / Almighty God / Victory
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Ebesi Me Yie (It Shall be Well With Me)
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Wamaa Na Lesi (We will Thank Him)
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Mene Yesu Betow Nsa Edidi ( I will dine with Jesus)
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Medley: Oboade Nyame / Yebeyi Wodin Aye / Onyankopong
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I Will Lift Him Higher
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Me Dawase (I Thank You)
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Orengyae Me (He will Not Leave Me)
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Saa Mmre Yi (At this Moment)
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    Blessing Da Silveira

    December 15, 2014 at 4:55 am


    Your story inspire me a lot and thank you for sharing That wonderful story with us, may God bless you for your work and help us the yougers one to stay in his path like you

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